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Peter F. Whalen
Greetings Emerald Members,

To say that being the 32nd President of the NYPD Emerald Society is both an Honor & Privilege is a huge understatement. If you look back on the history of The Emerald Society and take note of past Presidents, names like Jerimiah Sullivan, Charles Crowley, Robert Bowden, Thomas Meaney, Barney Ferguson, these were some of the founders of the Emerald Society. These 5 men along with the other 25 past Presidents help build and form the Society as we know it today. It can also be said that it is a family business with the Keenan & Bergin Families. The Keenan Family has proudly served the Society for 3 Generations with Joseph J. Keenan, Joseph J. Keenan Jr & just recently Karyn McCormack, a family legacy that will be very difficult to follow. The Bergin Family has served 2 generations with Richard Bergin & his son Timothy. Not to be forgotten is the Patterson Family; they too have served the Society for 2 Generations. Edward Patterson as a Borough VP, Sean Patterson as President & Edward T. Patterson as our current Treasurer. What I have learned from the Past Presidents is the each one has left a mark on the Society in one way or another. Whether it was a program, a trip they started or perhaps a stance they took to help protect the Society. This is what makes each past President stand out in a particular way. I look back at my time on the Emerald Board, I have been blessed to meet some of the past President, each willing to give much needed advice on any subject. I would like to congratulate Karyn McCormack on her very successful Presidency. I learned much from Karyn & thank her for her support during my term as President. I would also like to thank all of our Past Presidents, Board members, as well as those who have wished me well in my Presidency. Again, I thank each & every one of you.

My main focus as President, which I believe was the same as many other President's goal, is to find ways to attract new members & keep them active. With the new age of social media, the traditional ways of socialization as some of us remember are a thing of the past. The Fraternal Organizations that most of us knew as young cops are not the main focus of some of our younger members. We don't have a problem attracting members, it's getting them to be more active in the Society after they join us. Our retirees continue to grow in number & attend our meetings and events. We have come to rely a great deal on our retirees & I thank them for their participation and support. We have relocated our main meeting location back to Manhattan at Xavier High School on West 16th Street. We will continue to have some meetings in the outer boroughs as we have in the past. I have always said that The Emerald Society is YOUR EMERALD SOCIETY, I'm just the guy who helps runs it. I have a tremendous Board of Officers that makes my job easy. We will continue to work hard & to make all of our members proud. I would ask that if you don't have a delegate in your command please let us know. Perhaps you may want to be a delegate. What we need is for our younger members to become more active in our events & meeting in order for the Society to continue to thrive.

All the Best,

Peter F. Whalen

President, 2016-2017

The Emerald Society of the Police Department